Kira's Bio
Growing up in Atlanta in the early 80's the neighborhood dance was 'break-dancing': popping, locking and liquid moves were all the rage.  An early understanding of creating dance by improvisational performance and experimental technique with a critical but 'always ready for a laugh' audience helped Kira to build a dance ideology based on fun.  Much of her early dance education came about by having a watchful eye, plenty of practice with friends, lots of mirror time and watching Music Videos. After a broken kneecap ended her days of rolling around on the floor Kira began learning Martial Arts as therapy and empowerment.  In 1999 she was exposed to her first belly dance performance and lesson and has been taking classes and workshops ever since.

Kira began organizing belly dance, fire performance and drum circle groups for information, discussion and networking starting in 2002. She started the drum circle classes and belly classes at Dragon*con in 2005 and organized the Silk Road Show and a Dragon*con Drum Circle group float for the convention parade in downtown Atlanta.  In 2008 Kira formed the Cross-Cultural Dance Company. Kira and the CCDC chaired the 2009 Shimmy-a-thon ~ Belly Dance for Breath which raised over $12,000 to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.   Kira is now the director of the Silk Road track of programming at Dragon*con the largest sci-fi and pop arts convention in North America.

Kira and the Cross-Cultural Dance Company perform at shows, parties, charity and cultural events in and around the Atlanta area.  Along with teaching, choreographing and performing Belly Dance in it's many forms Kira studies and performs other dance forms from the Middle East and Asia as well as drumming and Fire Performance Arts. Her extensive performance and teaching experience includes high schools, restaurants, burlesque shows, fund raisers, festivals, the Society for Creative Anachronism, Pride events, women empowerment events and conventions. Her dance styles include Belly Dance, ATS, Tribal Fusion, Hip Hop, Asian Dances, Fire Performance and more.  Utilizing Fire, Sword, Veil, Fan, Veil Fan, Poi and more, her performances are entertaining and engaging.