What to wear - something comfortable to move in and slightly
form fitting and bring some water for hydration. Bare belly is optional.
You will want a scarf, coin belt or fringe belt that fits around the hips.
To easier execute turns I suggest wearing ballet slippers,
soft jazz shoes or socks with non-slip soles.


Class Fees:
Single class: $12
6 class card: $60

Private Lesson Fees:
$35 per hour lesson
$85 prepay for 3 hourly private lessons
Why take classes?

"I've tried to watch a tape here and there to see how to dance.....The tapes haven't taught me anything as they're too fast, and don't show the isolation of movement.  I got a lot more out of listening to you than I've gotten from the tapes....I liked the way you explained things, and they made sense."
-Ann, workshop attendee

"...the class was excellent and I learned quite a bit from the instructor....(she was) good at showing the breakdowns on the moves that were taught...I also enjoyed the extra little tips and techniques..."
-Karen, workshop attendee

"I enjoy learning Belly Dancing with Kira. She is great and [has] so many good ideas for dancing and creating choreography for our class. I am 50 years old and I feel younger and [am] getting stronger. Thank you Kira!"
-Rossie, student
The Basics of Belly Dance
The Basics give you a basic overview of Belly Dance.  This class will teach a breakdown of each move, drilling and transitioning from one move to the next.  Great for all levels for technique and motion study of dance moves.
It is a fun, friendly and accepting class.
Current Class Schedule
Choreography Classes
A choreography class is a full choreography in 6 classes.  Choreography classes require a commitment to attend all classes since reviewing for the benefit of an absent student is not always possible.  If makeupís are not available, then a private session would be suggested to catch up. Students with no previous experience will need to have completed 2 sessions of the Basics course because moves are not broken down for this class. Classes utilizing props will require a prop for class and to practice at home in order to get the full benefit of the course.  I will have information available for those who wish to purchase their own props and a limited number of loaner props available for class use.
Tribal Combos
This course is on basicTribal moves and combinations used in improvisational belly dance.  We will learn moves, combinations, cues for group dancing that can also be used in Tribal choreography.  This class will teach a rotating schedule of combos used in different local and national troupes.  They will include a breakdown of each move, drilling, cueing, and transitioning from one move to the next.
For information on workshops & private lessons please contact Kira
Belly Dance, Hip Hop, Props, Poi, Fire, Costuming and more!
You can Belly Dance regardless of age, size, body type or gender.
Besides being a great way to get moving it is a wonderful way to express yourself.
About Classes
Scrap Book
Dance Class Etiquette

To get the most out of your class here are a few tips.

Please respect yourself, your teachers and your fellow students - A lot of the etiquette tips listed here are about respect and courtesy.  If you have a problem at any time with myself or another student please speak (or email/phone) to me personally to voice your issue, problem or concern.  We are in this together and it's
your class!  I would especially love to know what you think of the class, as a teacher I can only improve with feedback from my students.

Please arrive on time - it is important to arrive on time and ready to go so as not to interrupt class with late arrivals and to get the most out your own time.   Things happend that are beyond our control sometimes but if you usually have problems on the way to class then perhaps leaving a little earlier would help and I'm going to be in class to set up at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class.

Please refrain from unnecessary talking - feel free to ask questions and ask for help but keep socializing to before and after class.  Many instructions are important for your physical safety and to get the most out of class you will need to pay attention.

Attire - Please wear clothing that is appropriate to the class and not distracting to your or your classmates focus, learning about this fabulous dance.  Your workout wear should be form fitting so that your posture can be seen.  I suggest yoga style workout clothing, tank tops, half tops, t-shirts, workout pants/shorts with a hip scarf or coin/tassel belt.  (Many beginners want to wear the fun dance outfits to class but it can be distracting and causes a lot of wear and tear on expensive costumes so save it for the crowds at the drum circle or stage.)

Please do not put on perfumes, strongly scented lotions, oils or other perfumed products just before class- there are many people with allergies and it can be distracting.

Cliques - even though you come with friends or make friends in class please be gracious to other dancers, especially new ones, so they don't feel shut out of the 'group'.  It could make the difference in someones decision to stay or quit dancing.

No Pain! - there is a difference between pain and sore muscles, belly dance shouldn't hurt.  If something causes you pain in class please stop immediately and let me know.  Some moves if done improperly can cause long term damage so please pay attention to directions and be aware of your posture.

Ask - If you have a questions please ask, others may have the same question but are afraid to ask or maybe they will think of the question after they have left class.

Comparing yourself to others -
This is a big no-no!  Everybody has different abilities and strengths.  If you are constantly comparing yourself to those who may have more experience, training or knowledge then it can be disappointing.  Also, the person with a job, kids, husband, night school, etc will not have as much time or energy to practice as others.  Think instead of striving to better yourself, overcome your own obstacles and be proud of your personal accomplishments.